Who We Support

Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI)

The Giustra Foundation was a founding member of The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI), along with the Government of Canada, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the University of Ottawa and the Open Society Foundation. The GRSI works to assist countries around the world to open new avenues for refugee protection. Through sharing Canada’s history, experience and leadership in private sponsorship and by supporting the creation of new programs that countries design to meet their unique needs, the GRSI aims to increase and improve global refugee resettlement, strengthen local host communities and improve the narrative about refugees and other newcomers.

The Quantum Gravity Society

The Quantum Gravity Society was created to enable the world's top minds in Physics to unify quantum mechanics and Einsteinian relativity into one Theory of Quantum Gravity. The Society wants to make sure that this revolution happens here in Vancouver. The Quantum Gravity Society founding members are Frank Giustra, Paul Lee, Terry Hui, Moe Kermani, Markus Frind, Abhay Ashtekar, Sir Roger Penrose, Philip Stamp, Bill Unruh and Birgitta Whaley.

The Forum

For the last five years, The Giustra Foundation has been a supporter of The Forum (previously Forum for Women Entrepreneurs). The Forum educates and mentors women entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and challenges that women face in today’s economy. From learning about raising capital, to developing a pitch and growing skills in HR, sales and leadership, The Forum supports women entrepreneurs in Canada, promoting strengthened economies and thriving communities. In October 2020, The Giustra Foundation, in partnership with The Forum, annnounced the creation of a bursary fund, easing access to game-changing mentorship and education for women entrepreneurs across the country who need it most.The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs, which will launch with $150,000 over three years, will provide much-needed bursaries for women entreprenueurs who would otherwise not be able to access The Forum's programs.

Boy’s Club Network

The Boy’s Club Network was founded by two Vancouver secondary school educators more than a decade ago. The Boy’s Club Network mentors boys and young men to help them reach their full potential in school, the workplace and life, restoring their personal accountability, as well as their confidence in themselves, in adults, and in society's collective future. Frank Giustra was an inaugural supporter and continues to be a mentor to many at the Boy’s Club Network. 

East End Boys Club / Arts In Action Society

The East End Boys Club provide life-skills training and socio-emotional support to marginalized youth through mentorship and post-secondary guidance and the opportunities to pursue higher education in both academic and trades skills training. 

Streetohome Foundation

Mr. Giustra was a founding board member of Streetohome, the first successful initiative to bring citizens together with stakeholders from business, non-profit organizations, and governments to collaboratively address the needs of the most marginalized people in the community, prompting a long-term plan to help address Vancouver’s homelessness, as well as create thousands of housing units. Streetohome is dedicated to enhancing the system of supports that address the individual housing, legal, health and employment needs of those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Giustra Foundation has been a long-time supporter, and provided seed funding of $366,000 to cover the loan portion of Vancouver’s first rent bank supported by Streetohome.

Sarah McLachlan School of Music

The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides high quality music education along with long term mentorship from local teaching artists for under-served and at-risk children and youth at no cost. The School also teaches a broad range of life skills and students grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. They develop self-esteem and resilience and learn the importance of being active, engaged community members.

UBC Global Reporting Program

The University of British Columbia’s Global Reporting Program is an initiative focused on teaching and producing global journalism. The program offers graduate students the opportunity to report on under-covered stories from around the world, which are shared with the public through partnerships with major media organizations.

COVID-19 Emergency Feeding Program

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Giustra Foundation has been working closely with other non-profits (Streetohome Foundation, Food Stash and Vancouver Food Runners), and the private sector in Vancouver to establish an emergency feeding program that provides healthy meals to low-income women and children, vulnerable seniors, and others in need in our community. These feeding programs are serving healthy meals to KidSafe Project, City Reach Care Society, Atira Women’s Resource Society, YWCA Cause We Care House, YWCA Crabtree Corner, and Seniors SRO buildings in the downtown eastside.